Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I need a "personal assistant"

Have you ever thought that, it would be a great idea to have a personal assistant? I think it's a fabulous idea!

A little background on me, first, I no longer work outside the home, my kids are grown and my hubby works out-of-town all week. So, naturally , you would think I have lots of time right? WRONG!

Since I started with Etsy, I have managed to get into at least 6 more sites for various reasons. Are all of you like that? And I know there are many more to look at. Don't you think an assistant would be a great tool or thing to have? I could give him (or her) what I want to accomplish for the day and head for the gym.

Upon returning, every site would be updated, new searches completed and all vital info recorded. Oh, no,I broke a nail (too much typing) to the salon.

Upon returning home, lunch, a healthy one, is ready. Assistant has lined up my creating supplies and tools for me to start, creating. Several hours pass, I'm tired. Time for a nap. Assistant puts all my supplies in the correct places and I snooze.

Upon awakening, assistant has posted my news items for me, straightened up my desk and has given me a grocery list, done aisle-by-aisle.

Okay, you are starting to get the picture. Now, I haven't filled out all the details of this "assistant", yet. So, does anybody know someone like this?

More to come................

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Waitin on March

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is already March 1st. Seems like it was only yesterday, that is was Christmas Day. My mother always said, that, "the older you get, the faster time flies". That is so true. Especially now, since I'm over age 30. Lol!!

My husband saw the ladies slippers I crocheted last week , and wanted a pair for himself. I did manage to make a "manly" style, with a padded bottom. He likes them. Will post some pics of them, tomorrow. May have to add them to my Etsy store.

Harley has spring fever. The temp today was only 40*, but sunny. He had me nearly running on our "walk". I noticed that my neighbor's daffodils are starting to sprout. Yay!

I am a HUGE Wizard of Oz fanatic. So, tomorrow, some of the family is coming over for a ham dinner, and a movie......guess which one? I think I just about know the lines by heart. Don't know why that movie has so much appeal to me.

I also started working on a "tuxedo" sweater for harley. Actually, it will be for sale in my shop. This is the time of year for lots of weddings. I think mans best friend should look terrific, too! Will probably make something for the female doggies. Can't leave them out. Harley will definitely not like posing with "girls" stuff on!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hello, and welcome to my new blogspot!

Stop by my profile page, to find out a little bit more about me.

Besides having a great husband and family, I am a crochet fanantic! I started to crochet ad knit when i was 9 yrs. old. I could read patterns before I learned to crochet. i went to my aunt, who also did both, and she taught me. Let me tell you, she was a strict teacher. And I am glad , now, that she was! She was a stickler for making sure what I created looked perfect. You know, there is a difference between the words "handmade" and "homemade".

I have a shop on Etsy. My shop is called hoorayforcrochet. Here's a link to it I make trendy knit or crochet accessories and clothing, primarily for women. But, I also have a line of Doggy Duds, 'cuz mans best friend needs to look special, too!

Oh, yes, there's my dog. Harley is his name. He's a very lively ten year old Boston Terrier. Quite a character. At one time, I was an over-the-road truckdriver, and he went along with me. Of course, he got lots of attention, which he loved. More about him later, in future blogs.

Well, I don't want to share everything with you just yet. i will be adding some human and dog recipes here. Other links to great sites to check out. And work from fellow Etsians.

Happy trails!

My Etsy Shop